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CABI Biotechnology Series

Biotechnology, in particular the use of transgenic organisms, has a wide range of applications including agriculture, forestry, food and health. There is evidence that it could make a major impact in producing plants and animals that are able to resist stresses and diseases, thereby increasing food security. There is also potential to produce pharmaceuticals in plants through biotechnology, and provide foods that are nutritionally enhanced. Genetically modified organisms can also be used in cleaning up pollution and contamination. However, the application of biotechnology has raised concerns about biosafety, and it is vital to ensure that genetically modified organisms do not pose new risks to the environment or health. To understand the full potential of biotechnology and the issues that relate to it, scientists need access to information that not only provides an overview of and background to the field, but also keeps them up to date with the latest research findings.

This series, which extends the scope of CABI’s successful “Biotechnology in Agriculture” series, addresses all topics relating to biotechnology including transgenic organisms, molecular analysis techniques, molecular pharming, in vitro culture, public opinion, economics, development and biosafety. Aimed at researchers, upper-level students and policy makers, titles in the series provide international coverage of topics related to biotechnology, including both a synthesis of facts and discussions of future research perspectives and possible solutions.

To discuss a proposal for a book in this series, please contact David Hemming, Commissioning Editor or read more about publishing with CABI here.

Tatjana Brankov and Koviljko Lovre - GM Food Systems and Their Economic Impact - CABI Biotechnology Series

Harvey S. James, Jr. - Ethical Tensions from New Technology - The Case of Agricultural Biotechnology

Plant Gene Silencing

GM Food Systems and their Economic Impact
Tatjana Brankov and Kovilijko Lovre

Oct 2018


Ethical Tensions from New Technology
Edited by Harvey James

Sep 2018

Plant Gene Silencing
Edited by Tamas Dalmay

May 2017

Animal Nutrition with Transgenic Plants. (2013) Flachowsky G.

Bt resistance, Characterization and Strategies for GM Crops Expressing Bacillus thuringiensis ToxinsCABI Biotechnology Series

Plant-derived Pharmaceuticals Principles and Applications for Developing Countries. Edited by Hefferon K. Biology and Breeding of Food Legumes.(2011) Edited By Pratap A, Kumar J

Animal Nutrition with Transgenic Plants
Edited by Gerhard Flachowsky

Dec 2013

BT Resistance
Edited by Mario Soberón, Yulin Gao and Alejandra Bravo

April 2015

Plant-derived Pharmaceuticals
Edited by Kathleen L Hefferon

Oct 2014

Transgenic Insects, Techniques and Applications. (2015) Edited by M.Q. Benedict


Transgenic Insects
Edited by Mark Quentin Benedict

Oct 2014