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Policy reform and adjustment in the agricultural sectors of developed countries.

Book cover for Policy reform and adjustment in the agricultural sectors of developed countries.


This book focuses on the policy implications of growing pressures for economic adjustment in the agricultural sectors of developed countries. Selected papers from an international workshop at Imperial College, London in October 2003 and an international symposium in Philadelphia in the spring of 2004, have been extensively revised and edited to form some of the chapters, and several entirely new c...


Chapter 4 (Page no: 55)

Policy reform and adjustment in the European Union: changes in the Common Agricultural Policy and enlargement.

This chapter presents the principal findings of an analysis of the impact of the 2003 reform of the Common Agricultural Policy (CAP) on EU agricultural markets and incomes over the period 2004-2010. It also projects future developments in agricultural markets in the EU-25, taking into account CAP reform and the entry of new members. It is concluded that the agricultural sector in the EU will have to adjust significantly over the medium term. Enlargement from 15 to 25 members will drive adjustments in EU agriculture and the food industry, even without any changes in agricultural policies. The CAP reform, which decouples a large part of agricultural support from production, is also an important contributor to adjustment. Decoupling enhances the efficiency of transferring income to farmers, reduces trade distortions, reduces the risk of structural surpluses and encourages farmers to base their production and investment decisions on market developments. Projections indicate that adjustments in production will occur in three key areas of agricultural production in Europe: cereal, beef and dairy production. Farmers will have to increase their production efficiency, which may have implications for farm structure.

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