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Prospects for polar tourism.

Book cover for Prospects for polar tourism.


This book examines polar tourism in its environmental, economic and cultural settings and explores the potential for growth as well as essential management for sustainability. It has 17 chapters organized in 4 parts under the following headings: (i) tourism and the polar environment; (ii) economic roles of polar tourism; (iii) developments in Antarctic tourism; and (iv) managing the new realities....


Chapter 7 (Page no: 102)

The economic role of Arctic tourism.

Arctic tourism plays an increasingly significant role in the local and national economies of the eight nations (Canada, Finland, Greenland, Iceland, Norway, Russia, Sweden, and the USA) that ring the Arctic region. This chapter outlines each nation's approach to Arctic tourism development, illustrating both the significant economic role that tourism is playing and the development pressures it exerts throughout the entire Arctic region.

Other chapters from this book

Chapter: 1 (Page no: 3) The growing significance of polar tourism. Author(s): Snyder, J. M. Stonehouse, B.
Chapter: 2 (Page no: 15) Pioneers of polar tourism and their legacy. Author(s): Snyder, J. M.
Chapter: 3 (Page no: 32) Polar tourism in changing environments. Author(s): Stonehouse, B. Snyder, J. M.
Chapter: 4 (Page no: 51) The polar tourism markets. Author(s): Snyder, J. M.
Chapter: 5 (Page no: 71) Tourism in rural Alaska. Author(s): Huntington, H. Freeman, M. Lucey, B. Spearman, G. Whiting, A.
Chapter: 6 (Page no: 84) Development of tourism in Arctic Canada. Author(s): Robbins, M.
Chapter: 8 (Page no: 123) Gateway ports in the development of Antarctic tourism. Author(s): Bertram, E. Muir, S. Stonehouse, B.
Chapter: 9 (Page no: 149) Antarctic ship-borne tourism: an expanding industry. Author(s): Bertram, E.
Chapter: 10 (Page no: 170) Antarctic adventure tourism and private expeditions. Author(s): Lamers, M. Stel, J. H. Amelung, B.
Chapter: 11 (Page no: 188) Antarctic scenic overflights. Author(s): Bauer, T.
Chapter: 12 (Page no: 197) Antarctic tourism: what are the limits? Author(s): Landau, D. Splettstoesser, J.
Chapter: 13 (Page no: 210) Antarctic tourism research: the first half-century. Author(s): Stonehouse, B. Crosbie, K.
Chapter: 14 (Page no: 231) Managing polar tourism: issues and approaches. Author(s): Snyder, J. M.
Chapter: 15 (Page no: 247) Tourism on South Georgia: a case for multiple resource management. Author(s): Snyder, J. M. Stonehouse, B.
Chapter: 16 (Page no: 263) Tourism management on the southern oceanic islands. Author(s): Tracey, P.
Chapter: 17 (Page no: 285) Tourism management for Antarctica. Author(s): Bertram, E. Stonehouse, B.

Chapter details

  • Author Affiliation
  • Strategic Studies, Inc., 1789 E. Otero Avenue, Centennial, CO 80122, USA.
  • Year of Publication
  • 2007
  • ISBN
  • 9781845932473
  • Record Number
  • 20073125108