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Understanding western tourists in developing countries.

Book cover for Understanding western tourists in developing countries.


This book provides an analysis of Western tourists who travel in developing countries for holiday purposes, enabling suppliers to be aware of and help meet their demands while maximizing economic benefits, minimizing undesired social and cultural impacts, and developing sustainable products and practices. The book is intended for students and researchers in leisure, recreation and tourism, and to ...


Chapter 4 (Page no: 113)

The tourist unravelled.

This chapter presents conceptual conclusions about Western tourists based upon a comparison between the theoretical perspectives discussed in chapter 2 (pp. 10-61) and the empirical data presented in chapter 3 (pp. 62-112). First of all, the lines of thought that are outlined in chapter 2 are evaluated, in order to find out which lines are most fruitful in explaining contemporary travel to the South by citizens from the historically Protestant countries of Europe. Europe's modern consumer culture, as discussed in chapter 2, turns out to be a key concept in search of such an explanation. Still, it is indicated that these West-South tourists do not constitute a univocal phenomenon. The present chapter demonstrates that they exhibit a great diversity of life-worlds, lifestyles, and corresponding motivations, interests, preferences and behaviour. An important finding is that considerable discrepancies can be identified between, on the one hand, the value systems of these tourists and their corresponding interests and expectations and, on the other hand, their actual behaviour.

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