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Leisure and tourism policy and planning.

Book cover for Leisure and tourism policy and planning.


This book provides a comprehensive, multidisciplinary introduction to public policy and planning in the field of leisure and tourism. It includes theoretical perspectives and practical guidelines for the application of a range of analytical techniques. It is an updated edition of Leisure Policy and Planning (1994), now covering tourism as well as leisure and addressing such issues as citizens' rig...


Chapter 11 (Page no: 238)

Policy and planning for particular sectors and groups.

This chapter examines the diversity of leisure and tourism and the implications of that diversity for policy and planning. While leisure and tourism have been considered in general terms, so have people. The differing needs and demands of various social groups within the community are therefore also considered here. The chapter includes a brief discussion of five sectors: (1) sport and physical recreation; (2) the arts and entertainment; (3) outdoor recreation in natural areas; (4) urban outdoor recreation; and (5) tourism; and six social groups: (1) women; (2) ethnic groups; (3) people with disabilities; (4) children; (5) youth; and (6) the elderly. The sectors are discussed in terms of: the scope of the sector; the rationale and goals of policy within the sector; institutional factors; and planning. Four perspectives for viewing the needs and demands of different social groups are discussed: (1) a welfare perspective; (2) a human- and citizens'-rights perspective; (3) a market perspective; and (4) a diversity and inclusion perspective.

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