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Climate change and non-infectious fish disorders.

Book cover for Climate change and non-infectious fish disorders.


The current volume, entitled Climate Change and Non-infectious Fish Disorders (CCNFD) is the first of the two-volume set, and it focuses on the development, physiology and health of fish. CCNFD has 11 chapters organized into two parts. Chapters 1 and 2 (Part I) are mainly for aquatic biologists including colleagues who study non-infectious fish disorders and infectious fish diseases. These two cha...


Chapter 3 (Page no: 54)

Skeletal abnormalities.

In this chapter, the author discussed the potential effects of climate change on the skeletal abnormalities. Two effects were highlighted namely the altered meristic counts which is the variation in the number of the species-specific countable structures partly heritable and partly dependent on a range of environmental factors during development, affecting developmental rates (i.e. fin spines and rays, gill rakers, lateral line scales and branchiostegal rays). This category also includes fluctuant asymmetry that is the random deviation of a character from perfect bilateral symmetry. The second is deformations (i.e. alteration in shape of previously normally formed elements) - including malformations (primary structural defects resulting from a localized error of morphogenesis), syndromes (sets of abnormalities occurring together) and developmental abnormalities connected to the toxic effects of teratogens in the environment.

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