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Dark tourism and pilgrimage.

Book cover for Dark tourism and pilgrimage.


This volume is an eclectic multidisciplinary collection of essays related to the interconnections between dark tourism and pilgrimage travel. It focuses on dark tourism sites as pilgrimage destinations, dark tourists as pilgrims, and pilgrimage as a form of dark tourism. Theories and histories of dark tourism and pilgrimage are covered, as well as aspects of the visitor experience, including touri...


Chapter 12 (Page no: 119)

Recreating the dead: darkest tourism and pilgrimage in Mormon Handcart pioneer trek re-enactments.

This chapter examines how leaders of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints utilize pioneer re-enactment and their dark history to develop collective and individual religious identities among adherents in different parts of the world. The chapter explores a model of how individuals within a global organization use darkest tourism to create identity through recreation and the re-creation of its foundational mythology.

Other chapters from this book

Chapter: 1 (Page no: 1) Negotiating the intersections between dark tourism and pilgrimage. Author(s): Korstanje, M. E. Olsen, D. H.
Chapter: 2 (Page no: 16) Is the 'dark' still dark? The evolution of dark tourism and pilgrimage destinations. Author(s): Bİdecİ, M.
Chapter: 3 (Page no: 25) Interpreting the sacred in dark tourism. Author(s): Nitasha Sharma
Chapter: 4 (Page no: 38) The convergence of dark tourism and pilgrimage tourism: the case of Phnom Sampeau, Cambodia. Author(s): Tan, G. A.
Chapter: 5 (Page no: 48) Pilgrimages to terror: the role of heritage in dark sites. Author(s): Korstanje, M. E. Howie, L.
Chapter: 6 (Page no: 57) Dark heritage as a basis for dark tourism development in Slovenia. Author(s): Kužnik, L. Grafenauer, B.
Chapter: 7 (Page no: 66) Im(possible) dark tourism in Bulgaria. Author(s): Mileva, S.
Chapter: 8 (Page no: 75) From burial spaces to pilgrimage sites: the changing role of European cemeteries. Author(s): Pliberšek, L. Basle, N. Lebe, S. S.
Chapter: 9 (Page no: 85) The sublime darker heritage tourism aspects at St John's Co-Cathedral in Valletta, Malta. Author(s): Munro, D.
Chapter: 10 (Page no: 99) Martyrdom and dark tourism in Carthage, Illinois. Author(s): Esplin, S. C. Olsen, D. H.
Chapter: 11 (Page no: 111) Lost in the sea of trees: Japan's Aokigahara, suicide and dark tourism. Author(s): Burger, A.
Chapter: 13 (Page no: 130) Visiting post-disaster ruins: a journey to meaningful experiences. Author(s): Zhang YaChen Coghlan, A. Knox, K.
Chapter: 14 (Page no: 141) Museums as in populo dark tourism sites: a case study of Visitor experience. Author(s): Bond, N. Carr, A. Comtesse, D.
Chapter: 15 (Page no: 152) The ten-year anniversary of the civil rights pilgrimage: an experiential exploration into history, diversity, equality and equity. Author(s): Thesing-Ritter, J. M. Caspersen, J. R. Walkowiak, N. J. Jones, J. L. Lewis, C. R.
Chapter: 16 (Page no: 168) 'Though I walk through the valley': teaching Richard Wright through experiential learning. Author(s): Hayes, J. L.
Chapter: 17 (Page no: 176) Dark tourism or pilgrimage in the museum? Considering the case of Emmett Till's casket. Author(s): Cook, M.
Chapter: 18 (Page no: 185) Finding roots: pop culture pilgrimage and the affective geographies of Kunta Kinteh Island. Author(s): Wright, K.
Chapter: 19 (Page no: 197) A mass grave and a massacre: encounters with remembrances of death at wounded knee, South Dakota. Author(s): Johannesen, D.
Chapter: 20 (Page no: 205) Borough of the dead: the weight of hip hop's history and tourism's dark pilgrimage to the Bronx. Author(s): Donica, J.
Chapter: 21 (Page no: 216) Dark visits. Author(s): Newton, S.
Chapter: 22 (Page no: 224) Designing experiences at holocaust memorial sites. Author(s): Ward, P. Hill, B.

Chapter details

  • Author Affiliation
  • Utah System of Higher Education, Salt Lake City, Utah, USA.
  • Year of Publication
  • 2020
  • ISBN
  • 9781789241877
  • Record Number
  • 20193512548