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Changes to Compendia distribution data: the distribution tables, maps and references in datasheets have been restructured to handle the data better for updating and align with a geographic standard. Further details are available on the About page.

PRA Tool for plant commodity and pest-initiated Pest Risk Analysis. Available as an addition to the CPC.

Horizon Scanning Tool for prioritizing invasive species threats.

Latest content

Cover for Ganoderma philippii (red root rot)

G. philippii was described as a root pathogen that is particularly destructive to tropical plantation crops, especially rubber (Steyaert, 1975a). It...

Cover for Pectobacterium atrosepticum (potato blackleg disease)

Under field conditions, the host range of P. atrosepticum is restricted mostly to potatoes, a cool climate crop, although closely related or...

Cover for Candidatus Phytoplasma palmae (lethal yellowing (LY))

The Atlantic tall, the most prevalent coconut ecotype throughout the Caribbean region and Atlantic coast of the Americas (Harries, 1978a), is highly...

Cover for Diaporthe phaseolorum (lima bean pod blight)

Within Diaporthe phaseolorum, three distinct entities are recognized: var. sojae, implicated in pod and stem blight; var. caulivora, the incitant of...

Cover for Sugarcane mosaic virus (sugarcane mosaic)

Introduction In the past, SCMV and other SCMD-causal viruses have caused serious losses in various maize and sugarcane-growing regions, including...

Cover for Cucurbit yellow stunting disorder virus

Cucurbit yellow stunting disorder virus (CYSDV) is a crinivirus that is non-circulative, semi-persistently transmitted by the whitefly Bemisia...

Cover for Pseudomonas syringae pv. syringae (bacterial canker or blast (stone and pome fruits))

P. syringae pv. syringae occurs in many areas, from the tropics to the frigid zone (e.g. Alaska). It attacks major crops, including beans (Phaseolus...

Cover for Pseudomonas viridiflava (bacterial leaf blight of tomato)

P. viridiflava may very occasionally cause significant crop damage, though it is commonly isolated as a sub-population in the investigation of more...

Cover for Xanthomonas fragariae (angular leaf spot)

Like other strawberry leaf blights, X. fragariae causes a certain reduction in yield, but generally the disease is not destructive. However, heavy...

Cover for Phytoplasma oryzae (rice yellow dwarf)

P. oryzae has caused considerable damage to the second rice crop in Taiwan (Chen and Ko, 1976) and occasionally in Japan (Hashioka, 1964). Yield...

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