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Improving lives by solving problems in agriculture and the environment

Our impact

Our impact

CABI’s mission is to improve people’s lives worldwide by providing information and applying scientific expertise to solve problems in agriculture and the environment. In this section, we include a selection of case studies that show how we are turning our mission into positive, practical action for the benefit of farmers, extensionists, researchers, decision-makers and professional practitioners around the world.

Monitoring and evaluation (M&E) is a key part of our project work and is becoming increasingly important for effective project management. Donors also demand evidence of outcomes and impacts for accountability, to ensure value for money and to support fundraising. Good monitoring and evaluation also supports teams to learn and improve at the operational, strategic and conceptual level.

CABI has published its Monitoring and Evaluation Strategy Summary.


Effect of Achuapa plant clinic on sesame plant health management, Nicaragua (Spanish) [PDF]

Plant clinics in Asia: reducing the use and risks of pesticides [PDF]


Plant clinics in Bangladesh: are farmers losing less and feeding more? [PDF]

Plant health rallies in Intibucá, Honduras: Effect on knowledge and control practices of Paratrioza in potato (Spanish) [PDF]


Good seed for quality produce: indigenous vegetables boost farmer incomes and livelihoods in Tanzania [PDF]

Direct2Farm proves the case for mobile-based agro-advisory services in India [PDF]

Integrated management of the cocoa pod borer in Papua New Guinea: An impact study [PDF]

CABI’s Global Health database – does it have a role to play in informing public health policy? [PDF]

Beetles arrest the leafy spurge scourge in North America [PDF]

E-resources for agricultural research capacity building in African universities [PDF]

Agricultural training for Pakistan’s rural women [PDF]


Rehabilitating cocoa production in Vanuatu [PDF]

E-Zaraat- Agricultural extension turns to tablets [PDF]


Improving access to quality seeds in Africa [PDF]

Using mobile technology to help farmers make better agricultural decisions [PDF]

Working in partnership to communicate down-to-earth messages on integrated soil fertility management [PDF]

Safeguarding the environment, food security and livelihoods from invasive species using biological controls [PDF]

Using integrated pest management to help Albanian apple farmers increase their income [PDF]

Building a bridge to improved food security in DPR Korea through intergrated pest management [PDF]

Demonstrating the cost of invasive species to Great Britain [PDF]


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