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Global Health Archive

Global Health Archive

"By digitizing our print archive, Global Health Archive offers over 800,000 records on public health from out-of-print journals dating back to 1910."

Bringing public health and biomedical research from the early 20th century to the desktops of modern researchers for the first time.

The archive is a fully searchable modern database of research dating from 1910 to 1983, containing 800,000 records derived from six printed abstract journals.

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The early 20th century saw a proliferation in public health and biomedical research - research that is still relevant today. Much of this information had been 'lost' in unused and forgotten print volumes that have not been available to the wider academic community.

Global Health Archive changed that. The archive is a fully searchable modern database of research dating from 1910 to 1983, containing 800,000 records derived from six printed abstract journals.

The complete picture

Global Health Archive is fully compatible with Global Health and can be searched alongside it for records from 1910 to the present day. Together they provide a global picture of international public health research both past and present.

By digitizing our print archive, CABI has made this information available to a modern audience by placing current international and public health problems in a historical context.

Searching the past...informing the future

In the last few years avian influenza or 'bird flu' and recently 'swine flu' have become international concerns for those who work in public health and biomedical disease prevention areas. Global Health Archive contains valuable records ideal for research into this much talked about area.

Much of the data from the Global Health Archive is derived from publications that have long since vanished. They tell us a great deal about past epidemics, from rates and patterns of transmission, duration of pandemics, timing of epidemiological peaks, geographic distribution of diseases, government preparedness and quarantine provisions; through to effects on different age and social groups, severity in developing vs. developed countries, symptoms, causes of mortality (such as secondary problems like pneumonia) and mortality rates.

By accessing this kind of historical information, the Global Health Archive has the potential to reveal vital clues by referring back to previous pandemics to identify what made them so deadly and the mistakes made in their management.


Global Health Archive helps researchers to:

- avoid replicating past research

- give a historical context to their research

- locate previously difficult-to-find or 'lost' material

- find references that were previously inaccessible

- enhance their existing knowledge

- track changes in scientific and cultural activities 


The records have been indexed and classified to make them relevant to a modern audience using current terminology to aid retrieval. Descriptors and CABI Codes, used alongside free text searching, provide an effective route into this historical data.

Global Health Archive is available on the following delivery platforms:

CAB Direct (CABI's own platform)

- Dialog

- OvidSP


- Thomson Web of Knowledge

Global Health Archive provides research information dating back to 1910 allowing researchers, students and those within public health to access difficult to find information within this area.

"...having additional access to the Global Health Archive has made it (Global Health) a truly invaluable resource"

Jane Falconer, Information Services Librarian, London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine, UK

Records in the Global Health Archive are derived from six printed abstract journals:

- Abstracts on Hygiene and Communicable Diseases (1926-83)

- Helminthological Abstracts (1932-72)

- Nutrition Abstracts and Reviews (1931-72)

- Review of Veterinary and Medical Entomology (1913-72)

- Review of Veterinary and Medical Mycology (1943-72)

- Tropical Diseases Bulletin (1912-83)


Global Health Archive contains records on:

- Entomology

- Parasitology

- Public Health

- Mycology

- Nutrition

- Tropical and Communicable Diseases

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