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Pest Risk Analysis Tool

Pest Risk Analysis Tool

"Identifying, assessing and managing the risks of plant pest introductions"

Crop Protection Compendium (CPC) subscribers are eligible for a free 3-month trial of the Pest Risk Analysis (PRA) Tool during its Beta phase. Please contact for more information

CABI has offered gratis access to the National Plant Protection Organizations (NPPOs) of 97 lower and middle income countries. Please contact for further details

The CPC is widely used by pest risk assessors around the world. The extensive global pest coverage and detailed and authoritative pest datasheets are a useful source of information for conducting Pest Risk Analysis (PRA). The CPC has more than 3,800 datasheets on crop pests written by experts and containing detailed information on distribution, hosts, biology, phytosanitary risk, impact and management. The ability to generate pest lists by commodity and by country is a useful starting point for PRA. CABI’s new PRA Tool is designed to make the job of conducting PRAs easier and more efficient.


What is Pest Risk Analysis?

Pest Risk Analysis is the process of evaluating biological or other scientific and economic evidence to determine whether an organism is a pest, whether it should be regulated, and the strength of any phytosanitary measures to be taken against it [FAO (2017) Glossary of Phytosanitary Terms].


What is the Pest Risk Analysis (PRA) Tool?

The PRA Tool supports decision making by presenting key scientific information, from the Crop Protection Compendium (CPC), in a way that helps you decide which is the most appropriate action to reduce the risk of damaging plant pests being introduced and make sure plants and plant products are transported safely between countries.

Pest Risk Analysis decision support project summary


Features of the beta version include:

  • A framework in which risks associated with the importation of plant commodities and the introduction of pests into new areas can be identified and assessed
  • Generation and categorization of pest lists associated with a commodity pathway
  • Facilities for users to add new pest information
  • Links to relevant CPC datasheets
  • Complete risk assessments for each pest associated with a commodity pathway
  • Assign management measures to each pest identified as a risk
  • Export a PRA report at any stage of the process

A pest-initiated PRA workflow will be included in October 2019.

The PRA tool is designed for risk assessors and risk managers working in National Plant Protection Organisations (NPPOs). The PRA tool could also be useful in training/education.


How can CABI’s PRA tool support risk analysts with their role?

CABI’s tool provides guidance on the PRA process in the form of a template that is closely aligned to international standards, and easy access to the detailed and comprehensive pest information available in the CPC. The process deals with areas of uncertainty and unknown information, and can incorporate data from other sources. PRAs stored in the tool can be modified. The tool is designed to be used online with options to download pest datasheets and the PRA report at any stage.


The PRA Tool is an optional add-on to the CPC (a subscription product). A free trial of the beta version is currently offered to CPC subscribers. Please email for further information.

Once registered, follow a link to the PRA Tool on the CPC home page. The first time you use it you will be requested to set up a MyCABI account to save your PRA sessions. 

Gratis access to the PRA Tool and the full CPC has been offered to the National Plant Protection Organizations (NPPOs) of 97 lower and middle income countries. Please contact CABI via the email to find out more about NPPO gratis access.

The full version of the PRA Tool will be launched in October 2019.

The International Plant Protection Convention (IPPC) publishes international standards for conducting PRA. CABI’s PRA tool is fully aligned with the set stages of PRA outlined in ISPM 11.