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Microbial and Molecular Services (MMS)

Microbial and Molecular Services (MMS)

CABI is a leading provider of microbial services. We specialize in microbial identification and verification, and provide professional microbiology services in support of industry, academia and agriculture. 

Our team of scientists includes mycologists, molecular biologists, bacteriologists, ecologists, systematists and biochemists. All our experts have many years of experience and are trained to the highest level.


UKAS testing

UKAS testing

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Mould Problems

We are the only UK laboratory accredited by UKAS for on-site mould-contamination testing. Our detection and testing service allows you to discover what kind of mould is growing in your home, workplace, or on your product. We can either visit your property to take the samples, or provide you with an easy-to-use kit, which you then send back to us for analysis. We accept samples of mould from whatever it is growing upon and from which our expert scientists will isolate and authoritatively identify the species. You will receive a comprehensive report containing information that includes health implications, Hazard Group status, common hosts, toxin production etc.

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Fungal & Bacterial Identification

The CABI Microbial Identification Service is UKAS accredited to ISO 17025 and provides an international, high quality, confidential service for the identification of filamentous fungi, yeasts and bacteria. We cover most organisms within these groups with the exception of human pathogens. We serve clients from a range of industries including the pharmaceutical, food and manufacturing sectors, as well as research organisations working in agriculture, horticulture, quarantine, biodiversity assessment and biological control.

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Penicillium chrysogenum species groupx

CABI manages a collection of over 28,000 living strains including the UK National Collection of Fungus Cultures. This collection contains over 6,000 species isolated from environmental and agricultural systems worldwide, making it one of the most significant in the world.  Our range of organisms consists of filamentous fungi and yeasts, plant pathogenic bacteria, including extremophiles, metabolite producing strains, biological control agents and many more.

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Microorganisum Deposit & Storage

CABI offers its customers a high degree of service and reassurance for the long term storage of valuable isolates. You can deposit microorganisms with us confidentially and we will preserve them as freeze-dried samples and in liquid nitrogen to ensure stability of the material. We can also preserve and store organisms cited in publications, patents and pre-patent applications for their safe keeping. Advice is also available on the best ways to store and maintain specific microorganisms, as well as providing a regular supply service to ensure that only the best cultures are used in production.

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Diagnostic and Advisory Services

The Diagnostic and Advisory Service (DAS), located at the CABI UK Centre, can receive and examine plant material and soil samples in order to provide a diagnosis on plant health problems. As part of this process the DAS team, supported by CABI Microbial and Molecular Services (MMS) staff and colleagues from external partner organisations, isolate and identify fungi, bacteria, viruses, phytoplasmas, nematodes and insect pests associated with plant symptoms. This enables them to also provide appropriate information and advice on how each problem may be effectively and sustainably managed. The DAS, authorised to receive any plant material from anywhere in the world, is unique in its global operation and the range of plant health problems it can handle. Based on the expertise and experience of the team, it is well placed to diagnose and advise on problems of temperate and tropical crops in particular.

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